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This year, Aucerna is partnering with World Vision to help support clean water programs in Africa, similar to the Menkao Water Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

World Vision is the largest NGO providing clean water in the developing world. Their expertise results in water projects that last over 20 years (vs. the average 18 months). 

Aucerna previously partnered with World Vision in 2017 to fundraise money to purchase supplies for “Promise Packs” (relief backpacks sent to children effected by the Syrian refugee crisis), ultimately providing over 1,100 pounds of supplies which became over 200 Promise Packs. (You can find the article here)

In 2019, Aucerna would like to welcome all employees, family and friends to participate. We need your help to reach our fundraising goals! We also encourage everyone to participate in our 6km run which will be happening globally across every region in which Aucerna operates, on September 19, 2019.

Aucerna's Corporate Social Responsibility team has committed our employees to fundraising $15,000 by September 30, 2019 for clean water projects like the the Menkao Water Project supporter by World Vision, distributed into 4 individual regional targets: CAN, US/LA/, APAC, and EMEA. 

The target for the Australian team is $1,500. This donation page will remain open through September 30, 2019.

Aucerna is commited to donating dollar-for-dollar for every employee dollar raised up to $15,000. IF WE REACH MORE THAN $15,000 GLOBALLY, AUCERNA WILL DONATE ANOTHER $10,000. This means Aucerna has the potential to raise $40,000 for Worl Vision's water projects!

Note that every $50 donation will transform one person's life through clean, safe water. 

6K Walk/Run:
Did you know that 6 kilometers represents the average distance a woman in rural Democratic Republic of Congo will walk to access clean water?

On September 19, in every office across the world, Aucerna employees will walk/run a distance of 6 kilometers.

*Please note - This site is for Australian donors only; tax receipts issued are applicable exclusively to Australian tax payers.  

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