Walk or run an average distance for an extraordinary purpose.

Six kilometres is the average distance people in throughout the developing world walk for water; water that is often unsafe to drink. This April we have the opportunity change that. True North Church is partnering with World Vision to hold the Global 6K for Water in the city of Joondalup encouraging the community of Perth to walk or run 6 kilometres to provide lasting clean water to children in Ethiopia.

Eight-year-old Emmanuel kneels down next to a narrow, open irrigation ditch. He reaches into the dirty brown water to fill up his jerry can.

He knows that drinking this water is harmful. It’s filled with rubbish, animal waste and bacteria that can cause deadly diseases, like diarrhoea and cholera. 

“The water is dirty,” Emmanuel says. “Sometimes it makes me sick.”

But he has no other water to drink. Emmanuel’s family have no money to buy clean water so their only option is to collect this dirty irrigation water for drinking, cooking and washing. 

It’s taken Emmanuel an hour to walk to reach this water. It will take him even longer to walk back home, as he has to rest several times from carrying the heavy container. It’s a gruelling task, and the dirty water will only last them a few days before he has to do it all again.. 

For Emmanuel, clean water would change everything.

You can make a difference and bring clean water and improved sanitation to children like Emmanuel by fundraising for World Vision’s Global 6K for Water.

World Vision is the leading non-government provider of clean water in the developing world.

World Vision empower local communities to build, maintain and advocate for their own water and sanitation facilities. Every year World Vision reaches two million people with access to clean water. That’s one new person every 30 seconds.

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How do I start fundraising?

  • Create your fundraising page by registering on the “Register Now” button and set yourself a target.
  • Share your online fundraising page with family and friends and let everyone know why you are running in the Global 6K for Water.
  • Leave your legacy by raising funds to help bring clean water to children in Ethiopia

What can my fundraising do?

When you run or walk in the Global 6K for Water the funds you raise along the way will go towards helping:

  • Developing clean water systems for Children like Emmanuel in Ethiopia
  • Providing households with hand-washing facilities and soap.
  • Establishing health clubs that provide a holistic approach to health and hygiene education, embracing a wide range of topics including personal hygiene and nutrition.

For every $65 donated, that brings clean water and sanitation to ONE person in Ethopia.

World Vision Australia

World Vision is one of the world’s largest international humanitarian aid and development organisations dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

We partner with communities, governments, civil society, corporates and non-government organisations to transform lives, through community development, emergency relief, policy change, advocacy and education.

World Vision provides assistance in more than 60 countries throughout the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

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