Join Vision Sisters - working to bring practical solutions to mothers and their babies, and get you closer to the work that you support.

Through Vision Sisters, Australian communities are providing Clean Birthing Kits and Training for Community Health Workers in World Vision’s community development work - a vital set of resources for mothers and their babies to reduce preventable deaths in childbirth.

Your community can join together to pack the kits so they are ready to distribute to communities in need, giving you the chance to see firsthand the solutions you helped to provide.

The need to provide a simple solution is urgent - every hour, 33 women across the globe die from complications in pregnancy or childbirth. Women in developing countries are at the greatest risk, where many deaths are unnecessarily and preventable.

Clean Birthing Kits reduce the risk of infection at birth for both the mother and the baby, and Community Health Workers are there to distribute these kits, educate families on basic health and nutrition knowledge through pregnancy and the start of life, and to connect families to their local health services.

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