I’m a Vision Sister: Hollie’s Story

Hollie Boniface is a Victorian mother of three who has inspired her church and community to help mothers and babies survive childbirth in Uganda.

When Hollie Boniface gave birth to her second child, things didn’t go exactly to plan. “Evie was born in the car!” Hollie said. “I remember my husband saying, ‘Now what should we do?’, and we carried on our way to the hospital and everything was fine.”

The mother of three from Emerald in Victoria was grateful for the support and information she received at the hospital when all her children were born.

“Going into hospital brings a sense of safety where you trust that they will take care of you and your baby ... I can’t imagine what it is like for women not to have somewhere to go, particularly if they have difficulties in labour.”

It was this experience that motivated Hollie to join Vision Sisters – a movement of Australian women joining World Vision to help our sisters facing poverty and injustice around the world.

Sadly, every hour 33 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications.  In countries like Uganda, infection during childbirth is one of the biggest killers of children – with newborns dying needlessly from things like a dirty knife being used to cut their umbilical cord. 

Through Vision Sisters, women like Hollie are raising money to help mothers and babies survive childbirth. Funds raised will help World Vision train community health workers and provide clean birthing kits to mothers in northern Uganda to help prevent infection and save lives. 

Hollie and the women’s ministry team at St Mark’s Anglican Church in Emerald launched their Vision Sisters group at a special night at a local cafe.  Almost half of the 80 women who attended weren’t members of the church – but heard of it through friends, the church-run playgroups and the local school.  They’re now busy fundraising ahead of their birthing kits assembly night. 

“I think Vision Sisters is a wonderful movement that recognises that women have a compassionate heart and desire to help those in need. For me, it connects that desire with a practical activity,” Hollie said.

“When I told them about it, my friends were very keen to join Vision Sisters. We all decided the birthing kit project was a cause that any woman, regardless of their faith, status or age could identify with,” she said.

“The response from the community has proven this is true, with many women inside and outside the church getting involved … Women love the idea of collaborating together to make a difference!”

Hollie urges women across Australia to join Vision Sisters. “I believe that Vision Sisters encourages women to rise up and be strong in their calling to care for others. It unites women around a common cause, showing us that together we are stronger!”

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