When you join Vision Sisters, you and your community have a platform to practically stand with and support women facing poverty and injustice around the world. 

This is the journey you take when you join our first action - fundraising for and packing Clean Birthing Kits and training for Community Health Workers. This is life-changing healthcare support for mothers and babies in countries like Uganda. 

Step 1: Create a supporter page

Creating a supporter page for yourself or your community on the Vision Sisters website provides you with a platform to share your Vision Sisters story, and for your friends and family to support you by make tax deductable donations and receive receipts. Head here to set up your page!

If you would like to hold a birthing kit assembly event, you will need to aim for at least 200 kits ($1,000). If you raise more than $1,000, that’s great! Just remember that the kits can only be provided for packing events in bundles of 200 (eg, 400, 600, 800).

Step 2: Gather a team

It's always more fun to participate with your community of friends, so think about who might want to join your Vision Sisters team. Together you can fundraise for a group fundraising goal and organise a Vision Sisters packing event. 

Tip: You can create a team page after you've set up a personal page, and invite people to join your efforts there.

Step 3: Start fundraising

Point your friends and family to your supporter page to make a Sister Gift donation - just $30 will provide 6 clean birthing kits, and contribute to help train community health workers so women and children can access maternal, newborn and child health services.

You can also host a fundraising event such as a morning tea to share about the cause and the opportuntiy to join your packing event.

You'll find a rull range of fundraising tips and ideas on our resources page.

Step 4: Event planning

If you intend to hold a birthing kit assembly event, to prepare, please remember these important dates:

Eight weeks before your assembly event

To give enough time to prepare and deliver your kit materials, you need to place your order for the kits you're aiming to pack with eight weeks notice. Email us at visionsisters@worldvision.com.au to let us know if you've not received your booking form from our partner, The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia).

Four weeks before your assembly event

By this point, please ensure you have raised sufficient funds for the number of kits ordered. This is the point at which the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) intend to send you the ordered kit materials. The full fundraising needs to have been completed by this point.

Once you have raised enough to cover the costs of the order, The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) will courier the kit contents to you. You will receive an email notifying you of the approximate arrival date.

Promoting your birthing kit assembly event

Invite those in your community group to help pack these kits! There are helpful resources to support promoting your event on our resources page, including Vision Sisters flyers and posters.

Step 5: Host your birthing kit assembly event

Your birthing kit assembly event is a great way to celebrate your fundraising success and bring together women of all ages to pack the kits and learn more about why they are needed.

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)’s manual includes all the information you need to ensure your assembly event runs smoothly. Please ensure you follow these instructions as they are designed to support your group to pack the kits hygenically for the mothers and babies who will use the kits.

After your assembly event, the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) will support you in arranging collection of the completed kits. Once they collect the completed kits, they will send them to World Vision’s project in places like Uganda, Afghanistan, or the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they will be put to immediate use. 

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