Vision Sisters is a fresh initiative where you can make real change through practical solutions and get closer to the work that you support.


World Vision

World Vision Australia is a Christian organisation that works with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. For six decades, World Vision has been engaging people to work towards eliminating poverty and its causes. 

As a worldwide community development organisation, World Vision provides short-term and long-term assistance to 100 million people worldwide, including 2.4 million children.

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) are an organisation dedicated to providing a clean and safe birthing environment for women in developing countries. They are a valued partner of World Vision Australia, working with us to bring Clean Birthing Kits to mothers and babies through our integrated health programs.

In 2015 we expand our partnership, and now work together to bring Vision Sisters to Austalian communities.

Vision Sisters

Vision Sisters is a fresh initiative to make real change through practical solutions, bringing you closer to the work that you support. Through Vision Sisters, Australians are providing both Clean Birthing Kits and training for Community Health Workers in World Vision’s community development work - a vital set of resources for mothers and their babies to reduce preventable deaths in childbirth. You and your community can also roll-up your sleeves together and support by packing the kits you’ve helped provide before they are distributed to communities in need, giving you the chance to see firsthand what you are supporting in making change.

World Vision AustraliaBirthing Kit Foundation Australia
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