Join Vision Sisters – a community of Australian women joining together with compassion, to stand by our sisters facing poverty and injustice around the world.

Becoming a Vision Sister is simple: get together with your sisters here to provide practical help to our sisters and their children in the world’s poorest countries. Each year, Vision Sisters pick a project that’s close to our hearts – and work together to make a difference.

Our first project is to:

  • Pack and send 60,000 clean birthing kits for our sisters in need
  • Raise $140,000 to train community health workers

In Uganda, almost half of all pregnant women give birth without the help of a skilled health worker – often in unclean conditions. Mothers and babies are dying unnecessarily from infection during and after childbirth, from things like the babies’ umbilical cord being cut with a dirty item.

You can help make a difference

Sign up to host a Vision Sisters clean birthing kit packing party. Vision Sisters is a practical way for women from your church, school, community or workplace to stand by our sisters in the world's poorest countries, providing them with clean birthing kits and the support of trained volunteer health workers.


Create your group’s online fundraising page and share it with everyone you know.


Ask women to donate a ‘sister gift’. A $30 donation provides 6 clean birthing kits and training for volunteer health workers. There’s no restriction on how much you need to raise. But for every $1000 you raise, we’ll send out 200 Clean Birthing Kits for your group to pack.


Organise your packing event. Once you reach your fundraising target, order your Clean Birthing Kits and get together with your sisters here to pack them. Within a few months of being packed, your kits will be on their way to a country like Uganda or Afghanistan, to help save the lives of mothers and babies.

We’ll be with you at every step of the way. Check out the resources page for ideas to to help you fundraise and organise your Clean Birthing Kit packing event.

If you do have any questions or require support, you can contact our Vision Sisters Coordinator on 13 32 40 or email;

What can my fundraising do?

Your fundraising will be shared by World Vision Australia and The Birthing Kits Foundation (Australia) to provide clean birthing kits and trained community health workers for mothers and babies in Uganda. 

  will provide 200 Birthing Kits and $400 towards training community health workers

  will provide 400 Birthing Kits and $800 towards training community health workers

  will provide 600 Birthing Kits and $1200 towards training community health workers

What is a clean birthing kit?

A clean birthing kit is so basic that it costs less than a cup of coffee. Yet it can help prevent infection and save lives. Each birthing kit contains six items needed to ensure a clean delivery:

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Our Goals



Clean Birthing Kits



To help train community health workers.

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