We need your help now to raise $2 million by the end of October to provide survivors with food, clean water, shelter and safe spaces for children.It’s estimated that more than 2.4 million people have been affected. Homes, schools, hospitals and other buildings have been badly damaged or destroyed. Infrastructure, including roads, bridges and power lines, has also been severely affected.

$50       Could provide one child with a hygiene kit to help protect against diseases               
$70  Could provide a displaced family with a hygiene kit to help protect them from diseases
$85 Could provide a displaced family with a baby kit containing a blanket,swaddle, socks, soap and a towel
$180 Could provide two displaced families with shelter items including tarpaulins, mats, blankets, sheets and torches
$250 Could help install an emergency toilet to protect disaster survivors from the spread of diseases

World Vision Australia

World Vision is one of the world’s largest international humanitarian aid and development organisations dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

We partner with communities, governments, civil society, corporates and non-government organisations to transform lives, through community development, emergency relief, policy change, advocacy and education.

World Vision provides assistance in more than 60 countries throughout the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

The earthquake triggered a series of tsunami waves that reached up to three metres, sweeping away all in their path along beaches in Donggala and Palu. Nearly 1,000 villages have been affected and so far more than 1,200 deaths have been reported, with this number expected to climb in the coming days.

Rescue teams are struggling to reach all affected areas due to widespread destruction of roads and bridges. Power and communication lines have also been knocked out.

World Vision’s Radika Pinto, reporting from affected area, says the earthquake and tsunami have caused a catastrophic situation. "I’m afraid the death toll is going to continue to rise dramatically. The smell of death is still strong in the air.”

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